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Kansas Road Scholar Program


Kansas Road Scholar

A Training and Recognition Program

For Counties and Cities


All Kansas public works employees are invited to participate in the Kansas Road Scholar Program.  The Road Scholar Program’s primary purpose is to promote a skilled workforce for Kansas public works agencies. The program provides training to increase knowledge of road maintenance procedures and improve technical, supervisory and managerial skills.  The program enhances skills and knowledge of operators as well as those who supervise others, or aspire to management in public works operations.


Level I Technical Skills Program:  Technical information is provided regarding specific public works maintenance and construction methods for roads/streets, bridges, culverts and levees, traffic control, safety, snow removal, reducing liability, and providing quality local government services.

Level II Supervisory Skills Program:  Provides information supervisors need to effectively lead and support small work groups or crews.  Some of the topics include the fundamentals of supervision, developing communication skills, employee performance, positive discipline, cooperative work relations, decision making, and cost management. 

Level III Executive Development Program:  Participants receive information to expand knowledge and skills in public relations, legal and ethical obligations, budget and finance issues, regulations and permits, communication with the media, and increasing awareness of government operations.


Training is provided by KS LTAP, KAC, APWA and KDOT.   This is not a degree program and completion does not certify a standard of performance.  Attendance is tracked and certificates of program completion are awarded twice a year by KCHA and annually by APWA, in conjunction with state-wide meetings.



The Program Story

In 2000, a committee of Kansas County Highway Association members began meeting to consider a road scholar program for Kansas.  In conjunction with efforts from KS LTAP, KDOT and KAC, the program - Kansas County Road Scholar Program - began.  From 2001 through 2006 approximately 45 counties - 250 individuals - have participated in the program.  In 2004 a committee of Kansas Chapter American Public Works Association members began meeting to consider a road scholar program for Kansas municipalities.  Kansas Chapter APWA and KCHA collaborated and the brand new - Kansas Road Scholar Program - was born. 


Obtain program applications and for more detailed information visit the Kansas Road Scholar web site at  http://www.ksroadscholar.org




Kansas County Highway Association (KCHA)

American Public Works Association (KS Chapter)

Kansas Association of Counties (KAC)

Local Technical Assistance Program (KS LTAP)

Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT)

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)